We Provide Professional Cleaning in Brockley, Honor Oak SE4

professional cleaning1 Balancing between your job and the housework, you most probably feel like running between two hares. Do yourself a favour and take advantage of our professional cleaning available in the entire Brockley, Honor Oak. With us you can book one-off sessions 7 days per week.

We are a reputable and serious company with wide experience in the field of cleaning. What we have for you is a service that includes deep cleaning of every room in your property, carried out by a team of hard-working and disciplined cleaners.

You can trust us because we have already cleaned hundreds of residential properties as well as office premises and our assistance is always deeply appreciated. In order to provide you with an adequate cleaning solution, we will listen carefully to your preferences.

Exceptional standards of cleanliness

We started our cleaning business several years ago in Brockley, Honor Oak with the clear mission to deliver people individual attention, quality and total satisfaction. For this purpose, we carefully select the cleaners in our team, making sure they possess the necessary skills and motivation to deliver excellent customer service.

To enhance the efficiency of their work, we organise specialised training programs and supply them with high-quality cleaning equipment. This means that our fully trained operatives are able to deal with all types of cleaning duties quickly and sufficiently.

In our professional cleaning are included all areas of your property, however, if you have any additional requests, don’t hesitate to share them with us. This can only help us satisfy your individual needs.

Cleaning Services Price

  • Regular Cleaning£16/h
  • Deep/Sanitasion Cleaning£18/h
  • Bedroom Carpet Cleaning£4
  • Kitchen Cleaning£18

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What type of items and surfaces can best benefit from a Professional cleaning service?

Essentially, all types of surfaces and items can undergo a deep cleaning procedure. Our cleaning technicians are very well-trained and prepared to design the cleaning treatment to fit the cleaning requirements of your items and surfaces. We have ensured the safe providing of various deep cleaning procedures, which can’t be harmful to the very surface. Items that can benefit most from a Deep cleaning service are furniture, both leather and leather-imitating, carpets, rugs, blinds, kitchen appliances, floor surfaces, etc.

2. Can professional cleaning harm the surface of my items or worsen the condition of the stain?

It can, but we will never let that happen. As mentioned above, our cleaning technicians are perfectly capable to design and apply a cleaning process that cannot, in any way, harm the surface or your possessions. As professional cleaners, it is our job to make sure the cleaning is completely harmless to both you and the designated for cleaning surface. Moreover, all cleaning materials and substances that we use are completely organic and environment friendly. There is absolutely no danger of harmful fume release or toxins of any kind.

3. How is professional cleaning different than regular cleaning?

Deep cleaning is essentially a more thorough and precise cleaning process. It differs greatly from regular cleaning, as it requires a more complex set of cleaning procedures to remove even the most stubborn of stains and spots. The cleaning equipment required for a deep cleaning is also a specific one and all of our cleaning staff know how to operate and use it correctly.

Professional cleaning suitable for every taste and budget

professional cleaning2 Whether you are a busy homeowner or a cleaning contractor following the safety standards, feel free to turn to us. We will be happy to develop a cleaning plan based on your requirements and deliver you the reliable cleaning solution you’ve been searching for.

For your convenience, our dedicated cleaners are ready for action 7 days per week and will visit you at a time that suits you best. To learn more about us or request a no-obligation quote, contact our friendly call centre representatives.

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